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      1. choose your item category on the online shop top page,
      2. click on the picture of the item you are interested in,
      3. check the relevant information, such as price in JPY and item dimensions (see sample screen#1 below). Please note that sometimes, the price of a specific art work would not be displayed, according to artist's request. In such a case, the price line will mention "price to negociate" instead (see sample screen#2 below). Details can be provided upon request.
      4. contact us by email, including your contact details, the item#, and the desired payment method
      6. a reply in English will be sent to you to confirm your order.

( sample screen #1 )


( sample screen #2 )



Stock Availability

      All items listed are basically available. However, in case an item would not be available anymore (chiefly in case of art works like paintings), a notice will be sent to you by email following your order.

Art works price

      Art works prices are sometimes revised according to the market. Besides, art works without price details are not for sale; they are displayed as artist's works reference only.


      All paintings are delivered framed, whereas prints are basically delivered without frames. Please notify if you require a frame for your print when ordering.


      Art works shipping fee has to be paid by the buyer and will depends of the type and size of each item.
      When ordering, please indicate the country of destination and your complete address : we will inform you about the applicable shipping fee in return.Additional fee such as shipping insurance are the responsibility of the buyer.

Delivery time

      Delivery is arranged after the payment confirmation.
      Delivery time varies for each art work. An estimated delivery time will be provided following your order.


      Prior to any return, please contact us and indicate the reason for the return. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer unless the return is the result of ART BOX careless.


      ART BOX International accepts payment by credit cards, bank remittance, or PayPal account. The instructions related to each payment method will be provided by email.
      Please make sure to mention us what method of payment you choose when ordering.

Credit Cards

      Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, DC, UC, NICOS and JCB credit cards. For customers residing outside Japan, transaction safety will be guaranteed by PayPal platform.
      (no need to divulge your credit card number or bank account details).

Bank Remittance

      Bank remittances have to be made to the bank account indicated in the order confirmation email. For customers residing outside Japan, a quick and safe transaction will be guaranteed by PayPal platform.

PayPal Account


      To order, receive further details about one art work,
      To inquire about how to use this site, etc.

      contact ART BOX